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Air Duct Repair

Elmer's One Hour On Time Air Conditioning

Elmer’s One Hour Air – Air Duct Repair Services:

  • Airflow testing and balancing.
  • Seal any tears or breaks in ductwork.
  • Replace ductwork beyond repair.


Air Duct Repair

Do you need air duct repairs in San Antonio? If your home’s ductwork is poorly installed, badly sealed, torn or corroded, you could be losing more than 30% of your conditioned air and paying outrageous energy bills. Elmer’s One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating professionals will inspect and repair your ductwork to improve the air flow and energy efficiency in her home.

Energy Tax Credits & Rebates

You can save money on energy and earn tax credits with a new air duct system installation from Elmer’s One Hour Air. Visit your local energy provider below for more information on air flow performance tax rebates.


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