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Weather Roller Coaster

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You’ve probably heard this old saying before about living in Texas: “If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes and it will change.” This week exemplifies that to a T. Let’s jog your memory. Earlier this week, it felt like spring. High 70s, low 80s, lots of sunshine. Chamber of commerce weather. Then another arctic blast headed this way. By Friday morning, we’re in the mid-20s and frozen over with ice. And tomorrow? It’ll be back in the 70s! But don’t get too comfortable, because another cold front will head this way and drop the high temperatures back to the 40s.
Forecast courtesy of KSAT

Forecast courtesy of KSAT

This is the part with the amusement park workers remind you to smile for the cameras as you board the roller coaster. Luckily we’re pretty used to weather roller coasters here in south Texas. It’s just an important reminder to make sure your home’s heating and air conditioning system is in good shape. Get regular tune-ups. Keep those air filters clean. Because in Texas it’s not unusual to flip from AC to heater. And back.   If you need air conditioning repair and/or heater repairs, call us today at Elmer’s One Hour Air!