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Energy-Efficient Lifestyle Changes

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energy efficiencyBecoming energy efficient is a lot like losing weight. When you’re trying to slim down, a diet will likely provide some short-term help. But if you want permanent solutions, it requires lifestyle changes. It’s the same thing with reducing your energy bill. Changing your habits and behavior is the best way to truly make a difference in the amount of electricity you use (and the amount of money you pay for that electricity). CPS Energy produced this video about lifestyle changes you can make regarding energy usage in your home. These are simple steps you can take to spend less money. For example…
  • Unplug cell phone/laptop/electronic chargers when not in use: Even if you don’t have your phone connected to the charger, it continues to draw power from the outlet. That’s why these are known as energy vampires.
  • Use ceiling fans to assist your AC: Fans can drop the chill factor in a room by up to six degrees. But make sure your fan is turning the correct way – clock-wise in the summer and counter clock-wise in the winter.
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