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Four Summer Energy Tips

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Even though it’s felt like summer for several weeks now, today is officially the first day of summer. That means it’s time for barbecues, vacations to the beach and, unfortunately, skyrocketing electric bills. So what better day than the first day of summer to talk about ways to save energy? Here are a few tips as suggested by Energy Star. USE YOUR PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTAT Most new air conditioning systems these days also come with a new, programmable thermostat. If you don’t know how, ask your AC technician to show you how to program it. Setting your thermostat to automatically turn up a few degrees after you leave for week and down a few degrees when you get home will not only save you money, it’s a lot easier than trying to remember to do so every day! CEILING FANS ARE YOUR FRIEND According to Energy Star, ceiling fans can make a room feel about four degrees cooler than it really is. But don’t forget: Turn off those fans when you leave the room. USE YOUR VENTILATION You know that fan in your bathroom? Turn it on while you’re taking a shower. It will help get rid of heat and humidity. KEEP YOUR AC RUNNING EFFICIENTLY If you haven’t done so, make sure to call Elmer’s One Hour Air and schedule a tune-up for your air conditioning system. You want to make sure it’s prepared for the long, summer months. Your AC is a big appliance with a lot of moving parts. That means proper maintenance is essential to keep it running efficiently and to keep your family cool this summer.