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Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for Warm Weather

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Good news. The cold weather is just about done with. It won’t be much longer until Spring Break is here and we’re breaking out the sunscreen and cranking on the air conditioner. That means it’s also time to get your AC system ready for warmer weather. Here are a couple of simple steps to get ready for spring – and keep your house cool. Get a Tune-Up Air conditioner manufacturers and every air conditioning company will recommend getting two tune-ups each year – one in the fall before winter and another in spring before summer. This is the perfect time to make sure your system is in tip-top shape. It’s better to catch a potential AC repair now than when it’s 100 degrees outside. Change Your Filter This is perhaps the most overlooked and most avoidable problem when it comes to your air conditioner. Regularly changing your air filter allows your AC to work at peak efficiency – and it prevents costly problems like coil leaks. Use Your Fan A ceiling fan can drop the wind chill in the room up to five degrees. That means you can turn your thermostat up a few degrees and give your AC a break. Even better? For a while in spring, you can get by solely with fans going in your house. Now’s the time to prepare for those brutal Texas summers. If you need help with your air conditioner, call Elmer’s One Hour Air today!