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Guest Post: Monthly Reminders For Your Home

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(The following is a guest post from our friends at Lee’s Air in Fresno, California.) While perusing my cellular calendar today, I double-checked and updated appointments and reminders. Some monthly tasks are easy to remember, like paying my rent and car insurance. Others can easily slip my mind. Luckily, I’ve set recurring reminders (with alarms) for the few that aren’t so obvious. Here’s my quick-list of important monthly tasks: Heartworm and Flea Prevention for Pets I’m a proud pet owner who will openly admit to speaking to my dogs like they’re little humans. In the same way a parent keeps their children up to date on all vaccinations and medical concerns, pet owners have the responsibility of keeping their furry friends happy and healthy. Heartworms are a terrible disease that can lead to your pet’s death if left untreated. Transmitted by infected mosquitoes, heartworms will reproduce and spread in your animal, crowding their lungs and heart. That’s why I’m more than happy to set an extra reminder in my phone, prompting me to give my little family their monthly Trifexis pill. Not only is it a heartworm preventative, it also prevents and kills fleas, hookworms, roundworms and whipworms. With a monthly reminder and one small pill, I can keep my dogs safe from infection. Clean Air Check-Up Even though it’s important to my health, and the life of my air conditioner, my memory always fails me. I simply NEED my phone to remind me to check on the parts of my home that monitor or enhance my air quality. When those alarm bells peal, I know its time to check my
  • Air Filter
  • Smoke Detector
  • and CO2 Detector.
When pollen hits me, it hits hard. My premium air filters are made to trap even the smallest allergens in my air. Changing them once a month helps me to breathe easier while also letting my air conditioner run efficiently, unhindered by dirty or clogged filters. My smoke alarm is easier, just a quick swap of the old batteries for new ones and it will be good to go. (Usually, when the batteries are getting low, my smoke alarm will emit some irritating warning beeps, too.) I follow the same steps for my carbon monoxide detector. Knowing that my smoke detector is operating properly and could wake me in case of a fire, and that my CO2 detector could alert me to dangerous levels of CO2, gives me real peace of mind. These alarms are extremely important for early notification of possibly life-threatening situations. Luckily, most of my important monthly tasks are set-up to be automatically paid, or have their own recurring reminder in my phone. What are some of your important monthly tasks or chores and how do you keep up with them? (You can visit Lee’s Air by going to its homepage at