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How to Avoid Mold in Your Home

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When it comes to these end-of-summer showers, we can only say better late than never! There’s nothing like a cool rain to take the edge off lasting summer heat. With higher humidity levels, it’s important to adjust your home comfort to avoid mold growth and energy waste. Here are three simple steps you can follow at home to do just that! 1. Leave Your Air Conditioner ON With the cool breezes and lower temperatures, it’s tempting to cool the house au natural. You may have energy savings on the mind, but think again!  A major part of an air conditioner’s effectiveness is dehumidification. (It’s actually what they were originally designed for!) When you turn your air conditioner off, it stops removing moisture from the air. 2. Use Your Exhaust Fans In rooms like the kitchen and bathrooms, moisture can easily accumulate. Any easy way to avoid high moisture levels and mold growth is to ventilate these rooms. Exhaust fans do this efficiently in both rooms. Turn your exhaust fans on when showering or bathing to remove excess moisture from a steamy bathroom. The same applies to hand washing a large load of dishes. Switching on the exhaust fan above the stove will help to remove the moisture coming off hot dishes. 3. Improve the Airflow in Your Home As we stated earlier, sudden summer showers can lead to quick temperature drops. The cooler the air in your home is, the less moisture the air can hold. (That’s why you need more lotion in the winter!) This moisture has to go somewhere and may find its way to your windows and walls, where it will gather and promote mold growth. Little things like utilizing your ceiling fans, changing your air filters monthly, moving furniture away from walls and making sure your air ducts are properly sealed can greatly improve the airflow in your home. You’ve seen the simple steps and now the rest is up to you. Mold isn’t just unpleasant to see and smell. It can be a serious health hazard. Make sure to protect your home this rainy season so that you can truly enjoy these cool summer showers. To help keep your home free of humidity, call Elmer’s One Hour Air for all of your air conditioning services in San Antonio.