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How to Beat Seasonal Allergies

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With fall temperatures finally here, it means it’s time to also start worrying about fall allergies. Seasonal allergies plague more than half of the country. Both prescription and over-the-counter medication, nasal sprays and even acupuncture have been used to try and remedy miserable symptoms. After many years of toting my EpiPen, a package of tissues and eye drops around, I finally found relief in some unusual places. So, from one allergy sufferer to another, here are the top three ways I beat allergies without medication. Eating Local Honey When a friend suggested this method of keeping my allergies at bay, I was more than happy to give it a try. Honey is delicious, and local, organic honey usually takes the cake taste-wise. So I started my own yummy form of immunotherapy by adding local honey from a farmer’s market to my tea, English muffins and even my Ritz Crackers (You’re welcome for your new favorite snack). Your local honey contains a variety of the very same pollen spores that trigger the sneezing, coughing and watery eyes. Your body will gradually strengthen itself against those spores, just like a vaccination. Premium Air Filters I’ve never been particularly concerned with my air filters, and up until recently, didn’t change them nearly as often as I should. Now that I’ve switched my home’s air filter to a HEPA Filter, I’m breathing in the same quality air that is required in hospitals and medical buildings. HEPA filters remove 99.97% of all airborne particles greater than .03 micrometres. This means those nasty allergens are kept from entering my home and nasal passages. Now, I change my HEPA filter once a month to ensure that my home is circulating clean, allergen-free air. If you, like most of the country, spend 90% of your life indoors, it’s important to properly filter your conditioned air. Nasal Saline Irrigation If your allergies are anything like mine, your symptoms didn’t stop at the sniffles. I suffered from horrible sinus pressure, itchy nose, throat and eyes, sneezing, coughing and wheezing. To relieve my sinus pressure, I finally jumped on the nasal saline irrigation bandwagon and purchased a NeilMed Sinus Rinse. Other popular models include the Neti Pot and Simply Saline products. It’s not a pretty process, but the results are fantastic. Flushing your nasal passages with the saline solution will rid you of mucus and blockage. It also helps your cilia to quickly remove allergens and any other irritants that may enter while you breathe. Simple prescription medications may work for some allergy sufferers, but they didn’t for me. I hope that these tips will help to alleviate your allergy symptoms as much as they did for me. Do you have any unusual methods for allergy relief?