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How To Fight Indoor Humidity

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We’re finally getting some much-needed rain here in San Antonio. Along with the slowly rising aquifer levels, we get to drink in the same humid air wreaking havoc on our hairstyles. Did I say enjoy? I meant “hide inside until the dry heat returns.” The humidity can definitely make any time spent outdoors less than enjoyable, not to mention promote mold and dust mite growth indoors. That’s why we’re here with great tips for keeping the humidity out of your home!   Don’t Turn Your AC Off! Did you know that when they were first invented, air conditioners were meant to help control the humidity levels in buildings? Simply running your AC during these rainy days will help remove moisture from your indoor air. When air passes over your HVAC unit’s evaporator coils, the moisture is pulled from the air and collected in the condensate pan. It may be tempting to let the cool breezes that rain sometimes brings in through open windows, but leave it to your air conditioner. It will provide you with just enough humidity control to keep things comfortable. If your AC isn’t running like it should, call Elmer’s One Hour Air Conditioning for any and all air conditioner repairs in San Antonio.   Keep Rooms Ventilated Kitchen, laundry rooms and bathrooms are high-moisture areas. Keep all of that moisture from building up by keeping these rooms ventilated. Make sure that vent fans are installed and running after baths or showers, while you cook and while you do laundry. This will effectively keep moisture from building up and resulting in mold, rot or pest infestations.   Say No To Carpeting If you already struggle with moisture in your home, removing carpeting is a big step in the right direction. Carpet holds moisture and damp carpeting is a haven for mold growth and allergy-inducing dust mites. Laminate and vinyl floorings will provide your home with a modern update as well as help reduce the moisture in your home. For help with your indoor air quality in San Antonio, call us at Elmer’s One Hour Air today!