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How to Get Your Heater Ready for Winter

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We finally had our first taste of winter weather over the past couple of days. Never fear, however, because this is Texas. Sure, it will likely warm up a time or two before the cold stuff sticks around for a few months. But that actually works to your advantage – it means you still have time to get your heater ready for winter. Here are a couple of simple things you can to do to make sure your heating system will be working properly when you need it most. First, schedule a tune-up. Your AC and heating system needs regular maintenance twice a year – including once right before the winter temperatures settle in for good. These tune-ups make sure all the moving parts are lubricated, belts are secure and levels are in working order. Second, continue to regularly change your air filter. There seems to be a misconception that you only have to change your air filter during the summer months. This is wrong. Your heater needs to be able to breathe just like your AC does. Check your filter at least once a month. If it is dirty, go ahead and replace it. Now’s also a great time to finally learn how to use that programmable thermostat on your wall. This step can save you some money on your electric bill. With mild temperatures most days, you don’t need your AC or heater (depending on the day) to be cycling on every ten minutes. Set your programmable thermostat, and give your system a break for a few weeks while the weather is beautiful outside. For AC repairs, heater repairs or heater installations in San Antonio, give us a call at Elmer’s One Hour Air today!