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How to Keep Your Heater Smelling Fresh

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We’re all familiar with the not-so-pleasant smell of a heater kicking on for the first time of the winter season. Sometimes, if your heater is older, you get to enjoy that strange burning smell every time the heater starts up (and maybe the entirety of its run). If that’s enough to send you shivering out into the wintry outdoors for a breath of fresh air, Elmer’s One Hour Air has some solutions for you.
  • Clean your furnace/heater. You can do your part by keeping your furnace or heater free of dust and making sure the evaporator coil is clean. Vacuum around your heater and if you notice that the coil is dusty, carefully clean it. You can do this easily with spray-on coil cleaning foam that requires no scrubbing or brushing.
  • Clean your air ducts. If dirt, dust or mold has accumulated in your air ducts, those musty odors will circulate every time your heater runs. For this, you’ll want to call in the professionals to inspect your air ducts for leaks or tears, as well as have them clean the air ducts out. Bonus: clean air ducts mean enhanced airflow. Your HVAC system will run more efficiently after, saving you money!
  • Change your air filters! If we could put this phrase on shirts and mugs, we would. Please, just do it. Air filters that are long overdue for replacement are chock full of dust, dirt and all sorts of previously airborne contaminants. So, quite obviously, they’re going to acquire a less-than-savory smell after a while. This will contribute to any unpleasant smells you already associate with your heater. Not to mention that clogged air filters will cause your heater to work overtime, and possibly overheat. Do yourself a favor and swap those air filters out once a month. This easy maintenance will improve your indoor air quality and save you money on electric bills each month.
Heaters don’t have to stink. They really don’t! With proper care and heater maintenance, the only indication that your heater is running can be pleasantly warm temperatures. Stay warm this winter and, if you have any questions about your heater, give us a call!