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How to Use Your Ceiling Fan in the Winter

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Ceiling fans are a part of normal life here in San Antonio. Can you imagine getting through the south Texas summers without a fan to circulate the air? Your air conditioner definitely would thank your ceiling fan for taking off some of the pressure to keep you cool. But did you know you could also use your ceiling fans in the winter? Here’s some advice from Elmer’s One Hour Air. All you have to do is locate the little switch on your fan’s motor. In the summer, you want your fan turning in a counterclockwise motion. But flipping that motor switch in the winter will make the blades turn clockwise. This pushes warmer air down to you by creating an updraft. So, in theory, your ceiling fan should also help you save energy during the colder months. Turn your thermostat down a couple of degrees, give your heater a bit of a break and let your fan push warmer air down your way. It’s a win-win!   More more energy-saving tips, heater repairs or air conditioning repair in San Antonio, give us a call at Elmer’s One Hour Air today!