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No-Energy Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine's DayHere at Elmer’s One Hour Air, we’re all about energy efficiency. And, in case you haven’t noticed yet, it’s Valentine’s Day. So what a perfect excuse to talk about some Valentine date ideas that require no electricity – just a few sparks from the people involved. So instead of going to a restaurant (which requires a ton of electricity) or a movie (same here), try these: Start it off with going to the park and setting up a picnic. A picnic is easy to make and is extremely romantic. No energy needed. Once your are done eating, have an activity planned. Play a game, or if you play an instrument bring it along and play a song you both can sing along to. Again, no energy needed. Make some time to share stories between the two of you. Get to know each other. It’s always best if you start it off with an embarrassing story, to make the other person more comfortable. Once again, no energy needed. Let it get dark enough to the point where the stars are visible in the sky. Find yourself a good spot and simply ask that person to tell you a secret no one else knows. Try and build a connection that will last. All of this can be done without the need a huge screen connected to an electrical device. You’ll save energy, while getting a much better experience. Have a great Valentine’s Day!