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Some 5th of July Recovery Advice

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We hope you enjoyed your 4th of July celebrations as much as we did at Elmer’s One Hour Air. Whether you’re nursing a sunburn, a tired body or something adult-beverage induced, I bet it feels good to be back in the cool comfort of your home. If you’re spending your day off from work to rest and relax, be sure to give a little nod of thanks to the appliances working hard to keep you cool. Does a sunburn have you hurting? You don’t have to drop the temperature in your home to fight off the heat. Leave your thermostat set to a reasonable (affordable!) temperature and let wind chill do the rest. We’re not talking about opening windows, either! Switching on your ceiling fan, or any other kind of fan, will cool your sizzling skin down without landing you a hefty energy bill. Your aching skin will think it’s feeling a cold 68 degrees when in reality your air conditioner temperature is set much higher. Teaming your AC and ceiling fan with plenty of water and aloe vera should have you pain-free in no time! If you were shooting or watching fireworks late into the night, you’re probably in need of some serious shut-eye. Did you know that, along with your footie pajamas, your air conditioner is essential to a good night’s sleep? The human body reaches and maintains a deep sleep in temperatures as low as 60-68 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re settling in for a long nap or calling it an early night, go ahead and bump that thermostat down a few degrees for lasting, restful sleep. For future reference, these tips apply to the day after Labor Day and any and all music festivals you may visit this summer. Proper AC maintenance can keep you comfortable all year long. Have a great summer break and remember to stay cool! We are now a member of Directory World!