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Steer Clear of Energy Vampires This Halloween

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Vampires are always a popular costume option at Halloween, particularly in the post-Twilight years. So it’s no shock you’ll seen plenty of little vampires knocking on your front door come Thursday night. But did you know you likely already have several vampires in your home, sucking the life out of your checking account? If it sounds scary, it should. We’re talking about energy vampires. Ever heard of them before? You probably have by their other names: TVs, chargers for your cell phone, coffee makers, lamps and video game systems, just to name a few. These are appliances that stay plugged in 24/7 and continue using energy 24/7, even if they’re not in use. Energy Star estimates the average homeowner wastes about $100 a year on wasted energy due to energy vampires. That’s a lot of candy! So how can you get rid of energy vampires? No stakes or garlic needed. Just a power strip. Energy Star recommends trying to group energy vampires into one power strip and turning the power strip off when they’re not in use. That way you don’t have to go around and plug and unplug several times. Easy enough! Have fun this Halloween!