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Test Your Heater Before You Need It

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Now that cold weather has made its way down to San Antonio, homeowners are finally turning on their heaters for the first time this fall. If you’ve yet to flip the switch from Cool to Heat on your thermostat – don’t worry. You should, however, make sure your heating system is in working order before you need it. So here’s some advice from Elmer’s One Hour Air. First, go ahead and turn the heater on for a few minutes. You want to check that warm air is blowing through the vents. It’s usually best to do this before the first big cold front arrives. But if you’ve yet to test your system, go ahead and do so now. If it’s working – great! If not, give us a call for a quick heater repair. Next, don’t worry about that gross smell you may experience when your turn on your heater for the first time in a long time. This is typically referred to as “dirty socks syndrome” because it fills your home with the smell of week-old laundry. That smell is actually lint and dirty that is burning off the heat exchanger. It should go away after a short while. Stay warm out there, San Antonio! Make sure that heater is working properly.