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The Benefits of a Programmable Thermostat

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Is your thermostat an old, clunky box? Is it an eyesore on your living room wall? Have you seen all the new, stylish, programmable thermostats? In other words: Do you have thermostat envy? That’s a lot of questions to answer, but thankfully there’s a simple solution. Elmer’s One Hour Air can help you select, install and program any of the new, energy-efficient thermostats on the market. Whether you want something from Nest, Honeywell or any other thermostat company, we can walk you through the steps of making the thermostat in your home work for you and save you money. The beauty of a programmable thermostat is it takes away the pain of having to remember to turn up or down the temperature every time you walk in or out the door. Now that winter is here, you can program the thermostat to go down a couple of degrees when you leave for the day. You can then have it warm up just a bit right before you get home. Do this each day of the week, and you’re looking at some significant savings. Less demand on your heating system means less demand on your checking account! Call Elmer’s One Hour Air for more information on a new, energy-efficient, programmable thermostat today!